“The Timing” by Chris Elliman

“The Timing” by Chris Elliman completed in 2009 and published by Gamut Control is the first “gallery” edition by the artist.This series invokes the magic, aesthetic of time and space with a beautiful dive head first into the story of the hour glass and the pocket watch. Sometimes funny, deadly , and down right dirty, these characters are sure to find their way into your home with their intriguing stories…….Some limited editions are still available and all of the originals are in the artists’ private collection. Please contact the artist directly about availability. Masterfully created in oil and the occasional airbrush. Elliman found the subject matter endlessly ripe with ideas like time itself and will resume this series at a later date.

Photobucket “Flower Glass” original oil 18″x24″by Chris Elliman”Photobucket“Killing Time” 22″x30″ original oil”Photobucket“Time after Time” 36″x48″ oil painting by Chris Elliman”Photobucket“Snail’s Pace” 24″x36″oil painting”Photobucket“New Harvest” oil painting by Chris Elliman”Photobucket“Face Time” 18″x24″oil painting by Chris Elliman”Photobucket“RPM#1″ original oil 36″x48”

3 Responses to ““The Timing” by Chris Elliman”

  1. Thomas Mason Says:

    Your work is outstanding. I purchased the right face of your two face print. If I purchase the left face will they mill together??

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