“Hello…. glad you made it. I like to illustrate my life and passions. This is the digital destination for the diverse offerings I have for you, ENJOY!” CE

Chris Elliman has been a professional artist for over twenty years creating for clients from here to Japan. Countless mediums, tools, and technology have been graciously studied to enhance his repertoire and story telling abilities. Elliman is more than just a 2D, and 3D artist, his last series “The Timing” carried him into the 4th dimension! Keeping up with all the technology has been a passion and retaining his traditional mediums is a constant dance of contrast and harmony. If you browse through this mad cap format you will find that sculpture, painting, and design are no stranger to this one. Even people get painted if they stand around too long. He is currently in the studio working to abstract the lines of illustration and render the latest visual language.

“Being in the arts for this long has taught me patience, life is beautiful, and to never let anything get in the way of expression. I plan on retaining an even keel well into my senior years…when the music stops, or changes…. We keep dancing.” CE

One Response to “About”

  1. Hey brovada!
    This is Raja that you painted my ninja suit! I just got it… DAMN ITS THE BOMB!!!! I wanted to hook you up with an $80 large format hologram. Shoot me your address to laserguided@gmail.com
    Shit bro your two faces print is outta control!
    Do you have more work like that?
    Be fun to talk about hologramizing your work!
    One luv

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