Cataloged Artwork

Starting my journey as an artist over 3 decades ago has proven to be a daunting task as well as the time of my life. I guess illustration is my main focus, with three point perspective always being the most intriguing to my storytelling. I wish to archive everything here so i will just give you a quick catalog of the early years…This is it, as much as i can scrap together…I hope the evolution continues and this blog will quickly show you my career advancements. This is to show you where I’ve been. Also please understand that some of the photography is just smart phone quality.

My New Series for 2013! “Dualisee” by Chris Elliman

#2 “Courtship of Land & Sea” by Chris Elliman 3’x 4′ acrylic airbrush on canvas

#3 “A-Muse” by Chris Elliman 3’x 4′ acrylic airbrush on canvas


“Dropping into NYC.” digital sketch in photoshop
Photobucket“Dropping into Vegas” Digital sketch for a clients original oil painting.Photobucket“Jimi the Dj” by Chris Elliman 9’x9′ airbrush on canvas
Photobucket“Two Faces” by Chris Elliman. airbrush acrylic on canvas. Original size each panel 36″ x 36″Photobucket


Photobucket “Just left the Office” sculpture mock up Marblex and VCR parts. approximately 16″ tall
Photobucket “Photo manipulation and colorization”

Photobucket“Two Frogs” 18″x24″oil painting by Chris Elliman”Photobucket“Elvis Costello” airbrush acrylic 36″x48″Photobucket“59 Caddilac 36″x48″ airbrush acrylic by Chris Elliman”Photobucket“Blue Agave” 12″x24″ original oil by Chris Elliman”Photobucket“Fire in a Bottle” original oil 24″x36″ by Chris Elliman”Photobucket“Proveworld Mural by Chris Elliman”Photobucket“Wet Dream” 18″x24 original oil by Chris Elliman”Photobucket“Jungle Mural” for wolverine 8’x10′ mixed media by Chris EllimanPhotobucket“Sugar Bear” 48″x48″part of the Candy series, oil and airbrush acrylic by Chris Elliman”Photobucket“Sail Fin” 14″x20″original oil painting by Chris Elliman”Photobucket“Arborrealist” original oil 36″x48″ by Chris Elliman”Photobucket“Octopus Garden” HUGE MURAL with airbrush by Chris Elliman”PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

2 Responses to “Cataloged Artwork”

  1. Your hands are amazing Servants of your brain…

  2. I saw some of your pieces today at the swap meet in Costa Mesa. They were so beautiful! Great work. Muse is my favorite.

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